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The Rug Addicts is an equal opportunity employer. Unleash your talents and apply now. There are currently 3 opportunities available.

Customer Service Associate

You're the one customers talk to first. You're friendly and patient. You are not afraid to go the extra mile to ensure great customer service.

Design Associate

You live and breathe fashion and design. You're meticulous and seek perfection in all you embark on. Your designs embody your values and creativity.

Digital Marketing Associate

You are aware of trends on social media. You speak in social media and digital marketing jargon like CTR, CPM etc. Instagram is your second home.

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Brand Affiliate

You're a micro-influencer who likes having FUN. You have a CREATIVE disposition. You are PASSIONATE about you're life. You never go a day without posting fun and creative stuff on your social media profiles. You're authentic and you're followers enjoy your posts. You're not in it for likes but to share your passion and creativity. We're constantly seeking authentic individuals who espouse our values. And you do not need to be rich or famous. You only need to be above the age of 18 and own active social media accounts on Instagram, Facebook etc. Find out more about our Brand Affiliate Program by contacting us.

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Trade Program

You're a business or an individual that deals in the furniture or interior design industry. Contact us to find out more about our trade program. Discounts on bulk buys and other services.

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